Vatsim Ability Test

I understand the importance of reviews giving the best insight before making purchases so I've come up with the "Vatsim Ability Test" - it's a test where I'll check versus factors of an aircraft or addon to make sure it's suitable to use on the network and at seasonal simmers level.¬

Factors I take into consideration

Let me go over everything i score and how i score it.

The importance of navigation can't be underestimated, while on networks like vatsim, you'll face route changes, holds and SID, STAR's, and more. Ensuring the addon is capable of executing all the effective will affect the score.


Communication is one of the key things about flying on a network, the ability to talk, to Air traffic control and get your clearance IFR or VFR is very important. As well as, picking up NAV frequencies this will factor into the social¬

Aircraft System

Evaluate the addon's simulation of aircraft systems, including autopilot functionality, engine management, electrical systems, and hydraulics. Realism and accuracy in simulating these systems will contribute to the score.

Performance Optimization

Assess the addon's impact on simulator performance, including frame rates, loading times, and compatibility with different hardware configurations. Addons that optimize performance while maintaining visual quality will receive higher scores.


Evaluate the overall realism of the addon, considering factors such as flight model accuracy, sound effects, cockpit immersion, and adherence to real-world procedures. Addons that provide a high level of realism and immersion will score better in this section.